Just Call Me Kemo Sabe


Friday, Rodeo Austin held it’s annual Rodeo Round Up, where it celebrates the year’s accomplishments with BBQ and music, and recognizes volunteers and contributors to the organization.  I was on hand to photograph the event.  As Bucky Lamb, CEO of Rodeo Austin began listing the qualifications for the “Lone Ranger” award, I started making my way to the stage to get a photo of the winner.  As I readied my camera, Bucky announced that ” the winner of the 2013 Lone Ranger award is ……….”    What ? …. Did he just say my name ?  Stunned, I walked to the front, where I received congratulations and this beautiful belt buckle.

For the past three years, I have had the pleasure of working with Rodeo Austin.  I am honored to be associated with such fine and talented people, and an organization that is committed to promoting youth education and preserving western heritage.  Thank you to Bucky Lamb, Jennifer Paladino, Marketing Coordinator, and all my other friends at Rodeo Austin.  I will wear this buckle with pride and gratitude.

Lone Ranger Award-1

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