Review of Camera DC-The Shooters Camera App for the iPhone

I’m often asked what is my favorite camera.  Like many photographers, I answer, the one that I have with me.

With the invention of the iPhone, and other smart phones, most of us have a camera with us at all times.  Though the optics and file sizes are limited, the results are often amazing.  In fact, my website has some photos that I have taken with my iPhone.

There are some frustrations with using an iPhone camera. Have you ever missed a shot because it took to long to take the photo, or the camera was in video mode?  Backlit scenes can also be a problem.   Now there is a solution.  Camera DC – The Shooters Camera App for the iPhone.  The app has an easy to use interface that allows the user to quickly focus, adjust the exposure and take the picture. Check it out for yourself.  There is even an instructional video.   I think that you will find this to be a handy iPhone camera app.

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