Darrell Royal, Remembering a Texas Legend

Former University of Texas Football Coach Darrell Royal


This morning, we learned of the passing of legendary Texas football coach Darrell Royal.  Though he is best known for his coaching accomplishments, his impact went well beyond the football field.  Throughout Austin today, people have shared stories of his kindness.

I had the opportunity to photograph him several times.  He was always courteous and generous with his time. This photo was taken in December 2005, prior to the Longhorn’s national championship game against the University of Southern California.

The last time that I photographed him was earlier this year at a Texas Senate hearing on Alzheimer’s disease.  His wife Edith was there to testify about the struggles endured by caregivers and to  announce the Darrell K Royal Research Fund for Alzheimer’s Disease.  Despite his condition, he surprised everyone by speaking at the hearing, and expressing his appreciation for all of those in attendance.  In this, one of his final public appearances, he once again demonstrated grace and courage.







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