Rock On Super Blood Wolf Moon

After a busy week of assignments, yesterday was the first chance I had to review my photos from Sunday’s Super Blood Wolf Moon. I made a hurried posting on social media Sunday night but did not have time for a careful edit. In fact, I was so distracted, that I almost deleted all these photos.

Conditions in Austin were perfect. I set up my camera and tripod just a few steps from my  backdoor, and would go back and forth between my camera and the house. As photographic adventures go, this was convenient.

I started photographing the eclipse at 9:45 pm. At that time, only a small sliver of the moon was in shadow.  I continued photographing every 20 minutes, until approximately an hour later when the moon took on a reddish, or “blood color”.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In order to capture the color, I slowed my shutter speed to half a second, which also allowed for a proper exposure of the nearby stars.

You may have heard or read the many comparisons of the name of this phenomenon to that of a 70’s rock band. After seeing this, all I can say is Rock On Super Blood Wolf Moon.




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